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Ray Manzarek & Roy Rogers’ Band Starts 2013 With A Bang! & Hawaii!! :)

Look for the new release “Twisted Tales” in 2013 – a fantastic collaboration of new songs that merges the sounds of rock/blues and integrates some very interesting stories, images and art.  These two amazing musicians have created a plush ‘intoxicating’ new sound that will resonate with global audiences.  This collaboration is more than unique – it’s unusual, quirky and just plain fun. There is a full length feature film documentary that has been shooting for more than a year in the works as well.  Lots in store for MRB in 2013.

About Manzarek-Rogers Band:
Americana music magazine No Depression wrote of the CD, “The two artists are true masters of their craft and they are at their absolute best here,” while the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said, “You can hear echoes of The Doors, traces of blues, flashes of jazz and touches of rock.  It’s hard to put into words the magical music world they’ve created here, but it works.”

The Manzarek-Rogers Band has been wowing audiences with their dynamic live show.  Elmore magazine observed about a recent performance, “They tore through a set like they carried the apocalypse in their back pocket.  They stomped and swung through a gauntlet of roadhouse-style blues cooled by their wizened years.  Rogers’ slippery grit cuts through Manzarek’s indelible bell-toned keyboard like tequila through lime and the result is just as intoxicating.”

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